A Brief Respite Composed of More Work

Well, another week has come and gone, and I’m pleased with what I accomplished this week.  I will admit, though, my focus last week as well as this, will probably disappoint those of you eagerly anticipating a sequel to Crown.

I know I’ve mentioned a number of times, both here and in person, that my stories usually tend to not feel like a story of my own creation.  Instead, characters pop up from time to time, and they clamor for my attention.  Some of them are boisterous and persistent, while others are a little more muted and less forthcoming.  In either case, once they’ve stepped up to the platform, they hijack my writing, and they don’t let go until I’ve told everything they want told.  So, for the remainder of this post, while I talk about my characters as though they are real, I know they’re not.  I’m crazy, but not that crazy.

Enter Rose.  Rose is a character whose development began thanks to old school table-top role playing.  In those days, she went by Jynx, but now I refer to her by her given name.  I posted last week that I was completely blocked from working on Pride, and every piece of material I put down felt forced and mediocre.  So for once in my life, I followed my own advice, and started working on a short story that was mostly unrelated to either Crown or Pride.  I decided to give Rose her chance.

I had already done a little character background work with her, and had even tinkered with some snippets about her, but again, it seemed very stale and forced.  This time, I decided just to write, and let her take me where she wanted to go.  I called it a night around midnight, and found I had already put down 5,300-ish words, and still wasn’t finished.  To put that in perspective, the average word count for my chapters from Crown ranged between 3,000 and 4,000.

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