And the Beat Goes On…

I’m starting to think of my blog as a cautionary tale for other would-be self-publishing authors, primarily on two fronts.  I want the first to be about the trials and triumphs of writing a novel at all, and about all of the things that go on (and can happen) in the process.  Unfortunately, so far anyway, it’s more about what a drag the actual publishing bit can be.

After all, you write because you have a story to tell; the genre is irrelevant.  So, in order to tell a story, you need an audience, and how do you get an audience?  Publishing.  Seriously, the money is irrelevant.  In fact, I can’t fathom how many copies of the ebook I’d have to sell before I was in the black, and it doesn’t matter.  It’s all about the storytelling.  In fact, I firmly believe that when you start doing something for the money, no matter how much you love it, it’s going to turn in to a job, whether you like it or not.  It won’t be a “labor of love” anymore, and I don’t want this to be just another “job.”

For me, writing the book was the easy part.  The editing part, I thought, was tough and lengthy.  I was mistaken.  The hardest, most tedious and most nerve-wracking part has been the publishing, which I was totally unprepared for.  Yeah, I  cruised the “how-to” and “how I did it” sites, downloaded all the style guides (even read them), but still, that was not enough.  Unless you’re going to pay someone to do it for you (which I passed on — I’ve spent enough money getting here), your most precious resource is a.) knowing someone who has experience with the outlets you plan to use, and b.) trial and error.  So, being absent of option “a,” I’ve been the trial and error guy.  Lucky for me I have such self-defeating attention to detail (not).

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    T.M. Lennon currently lives in North Carolina. His passion for science-fiction and fantasy was influenced by Star Wars in 1977 and The Lord of the Rings novels, which he read at an early age. He created the world of Eörlond in his teens for a fantasy role-playing game, and it has grown ever since.

    The one-time a soldier, systems engineer, and software developer, now adds author to his list of credentials. He continues to work during the day as an information technology consultant, but spends his precious little free time evolving the land of Eörlond and its inhabitants in front of his trusty laptop.