Back in the Saddle

There is nothing about being a “freelance” author that is easy.  It usually means that you have a “real” life, which encompasses a full-time job, a family, and a number of other obligations, and others you really don’t foresee until they hit you in the face.  Taxes, medical bills, automotive repairs, a pesky full-time job—these are just a few things that will trip you up when you moonlight as an author, versus being a full-time author.

These are also things I knew I would run into head-on, but I had no clue as to the scope and scale with which they could overtake my writing.  As such, I apologize to those of you who have been anxiously awaiting my work.  Given that it has been almost two years since my last post, it’s painfully obvious that writing has been far lower on my priority list than I should have liked.

I don’t want to sound all doom-and-gloom, however.  My life has been turned inside out which, quite frankly, is exactly what needed to happen.  I am in a far better place than I have ever been, and certainly far better than I thought possible.  Being able to say that is a reward unto itself.

So where does that leave the world of Eorlönd?  In the works.  I’ve two proof copies of The Dagger Rose awaiting editing.  The Iron Crown is two chapters away from being re-edited.  After those two are complete, they will be relaunched under Hart Publishing, inclusive of new cover art, revised maps, and the like.  Four kids and a full-time job have made the timelines longer than I would prefer.  I’m heartened, though, at the prospect of turning out a version of Crown as it should’ve been, in addition a pristine version of Rose.

In the meantime, I have started writing about the events that follow Crown.  It remains to be seen as to whether or not these follow-up stories constitute what they characterize in the comic book world as  “one-shots,” or if they are another full installment in the Unwilling Kings saga.  Personally, I’m ambivalent.  I’m more interested in penning the stories, not so much how they fit into a chronology or progression.

For those of you who are fans, it should hearten you to know that I have also re-affirmed my commitment to completing the Unwilling Kings tale, as well as continuing to tell all the other stories the world of Eorlönd has to offer.  Some of them are horrific, some of them are cautionary, and others are just meant to entertain—not so different than the world we live in.

So, to all of you who have been waiting patiently for more, I thank you, and I promise that your patience will be rewarded.

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  • About the Author

    T.M. Lennon currently lives in North Carolina. His passion for science-fiction and fantasy was influenced by Star Wars in 1977 and The Lord of the Rings novels, which he read at an early age. He created the world of Eörlond in his teens for a fantasy role-playing game, and it has grown ever since.

    The one-time a soldier, systems engineer, and software developer, now adds author to his list of credentials. He continues to work during the day as an information technology consultant, but spends his precious little free time evolving the land of Eörlond and its inhabitants in front of his trusty laptop.