Did I Just Do That?!?

The answer is yes.  I finally yielded to the propaganda of capitalism and changed my “online marketing strategy.”  I’m almost ashamed of myself.

So, first, I raised the price of my book from $2.99 to $4.99.  Why?  Well, I’ve done a lot of eBook research over the past week, and numerous sources have pointed out that people often associate “inexpensive” with “cheap.”  I whole-heartedly agree, unfortunately.  The average consumer has higher expectations for higher priced products, and honestly, I’d like to appeal to the “average” consumer.  After all, I’ve spent three years of my free time trying to get this thing in the hands of readers.  I’m not looking to get rich of course, but I’d still like to get reasonably compensated for my work, and not immediately devalue it solely based on its retail price.

Second: advertising.  I signed up for Facebook Ads and, given the plan I’ve selected, I get charged based on the number of people that click the ad and view either the Smashwords or Kindle links (this is not an invitation to ruin me financially just for a laugh).  I have to admit, I like how well FB let’s you target your audience, but I neither have any idea of how successful it will be, nor how expensive.  I suppose it’s a “wait-and-see” proposition.  Being fairly market-minded, I will be paying careful attention to “conversions,” i.e. how much I’m spending on ads versus what I’m getting in sales; old habits die hard.

Well, this is where I stop my admission of guilt and get back to work.  No, I’m not doing much work on the sequel right now.  I’m mostly working on back story and lore (and linguistics).  I doubt much of the work I’m doing will actually wind up in print, but I’m hoping that it will pay off down the road and make the tale feel more realistic.  (Which, I suppose, is a somewhat ironic desire for a “fantasy” novel.)

Anyway, I want to thank everyone for their support and encouragement, and I hope everyone is able to pursue such fulfilling endeavors.  Ciao!


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  1. Tony
    Posted June 28, 2012 at 8:10 am | Permalink

    Only one comment here…seriously? What kind of soulless monster are you?? What the hell do you mean you’re doing much work on the sequel?!?!?!?

    Do I need to withhold the Rush ticket to motivate you properly?

    Well, I guess you’re the author so you can do it how you want…I’d rather wait for the quality I know you’ll produce instead of having you rush something that isn’t up to your standards.

    Patience ain’t my thing…you might now that about me already…

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