Lauri Rocks, and Here’s Why.

I am a new author, and I struggled for almost two years to try and edit my own book. I went so far as to solicit the help of close friends who were interested in my book’s genre. After going through the book numerous times, and continuing to find blatant errors, I finally accepted the fact that I needed the book to be edited by an unbiased and impartial party.

After speaking with several editors and editing companies, I began to despair. The services they offered that were reasonably affordable were shallow, and still required and enormous sum of money to be paid upfront as a deposit. Luckily for me, a family friend recommended Lauri to me, and I quickly regretted not having found her sooner.

First and foremost, Lauri’s work is exemplary. She goes far beyond grammar and spelling, and truly challenges and questions parts of your writing. This, I truly loved, because while I didn’t always take her advice, it let me know that she was truly engaged, and paying careful attention to the more esoteric parts of writing.

Her quality of work aside, Lauri services were reasonably priced, as well as timely. Many of the other editors I spoke with seemed to me to be looking to take advantage of young writers, who may not know that they were being charged ridiculous sums. The multi-thousand dollar deposits I found excessive and unwarranted. No such problem from Lauri. She was more than willing to edit at a pace that both accommodated my publishing schedule, as well as my wallet.

For all these reasons, not to mention her flexibility and congeniality, I highly recommend Lauri’s services to all writers, be they novice or accomplished. Her attention to detail was excellent, her suggestions poignant, and her cooperative nature heartening.  I don’t really consider her a “vendor” so much, more a business partner.  Suffice to say, I will be enlisting Lauri’s help in editing my next book, and any that follow after.

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  • About the Author

    T.M. Lennon currently lives in North Carolina. His passion for science-fiction and fantasy was influenced by Star Wars in 1977 and The Lord of the Rings novels, which he read at an early age. He created the world of Eörlond in his teens for a fantasy role-playing game, and it has grown ever since.

    The one-time a soldier, systems engineer, and software developer, now adds author to his list of credentials. He continues to work during the day as an information technology consultant, but spends his precious little free time evolving the land of Eörlond and its inhabitants in front of his trusty laptop.