When Words Fail

This is a very timely post, since I’m neck deep in the topic: Writer’s Block.  Given that, I thought it wouldn’t be a bad thing to give some advice on getting past it.  I see lots of articles on writing, and how to write, but I don’t see much about not writing.

I don’t think it’s Writer’s Block, so much as it’s your characters trying to tell you to knock it off for a while. It’s still frustrating, because you still want to be telling their stories, but even they can get tired of talking. So, what do you do? Here are a few things I’ve found particularly helpful.

1.  Relax.

Yeah, sure, you think this is a no-brainer?  Well, maybe, but knowing it and doing it are two entirely different things. In fact, sometimes it seems like there might be such a thing as “Relaxer’s Block.”  It’s especially tough when you’ve been writing non-stop.  Writing can become a habit, and one that is especially hard to put down.  So, take a deep breath, turn off your computer, and walk away.  Don’t even think about the story you’ve been working on; give it some space to relax, too.

2.  Go on an Adventure.

I partially ripped this one off on another article I read somewhere about writing, but it’s a good one.  Go out and do something new and exciting.  And if not exciting, just do something or go somewhere new.  I’ve found it particularly reinvigorating to go somewhere and take in a sight that’s much bigger than yourself.  The mountains, the desert, the ocean — all of those have done wonders for me.  Getting a sense of how small you are can put things in perspective, and can reduce your frustration level accordingly.  Of course, if you live in the mountains, you need to go somewhere that’s not the mountains.  And be sure you leave your writing and storytelling at home.  You’re supposed to be relaxing, remember?

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